Pir Chishti


For inquiries:
t: 253.277.2566


Food you always wished to be Zabiah Halal is now available at Maza Grill. My specialties include:

* New York Strip Steak *RibEye Steak * Philly Cheese Steak* Lahori Steam Churgha(Chicken)
* Gyros *Sandwiches*Hummus * Solo Piri Piri Chicken * Chicken&Waffle
* Fried Spicy Chicken * Fresh Beef Steak & Chicken Fillet Burgers * Salmon Steak
* Crispy Ginger Beef and selected Mediterranean & Pakistani delicious dishes at
rock bottom prices. Casual and friendly environment.

We only use fresh Zabiah Halal meets and natural ingredients. All dishes are
cooked in Olive/Canola Oil with purified water. We use Og Trans Fat for frying.
We keep our food simple, clean, fresh and natural.

Our menu offers lots of exciting healthy choices without compromising on taste
or portion size.  All our ingredients are marinated in Maza unique sauces for 24 hours before grill
to thrill, or cook to serve you heavenly tasty food.